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  1. My 10 yr old daughter would like to audition for a choir using your song “A place called love”. Is the music (without lyrics) available anywhere?

    • By logging in you’ll post the following comment to Fleming and John:
      I’m just here trollin’ for tour dates, but I read Chelle’s request and I could help but comment.
      How cool would it be if you were a music teacher; just sitting listening to yet another Gary Morris/Bette Midler “Wind Beneath My Wings” audition when out of left-field a 10 year old belts out,
      “No bombs, no guns, no more war, no genocide, no torture No disease, no affliction, no crippled, no addictions No prisons, no more poverty, fresh air everyone is free!”
      Especially cool if the music teacher has any real back ground…love you guys!

  2. Just stumbled on your misty mountain wonderland song and need it for my holiday mix tape….how can I get this? I’m willing to buy a copy directly from you if possible.


  3. Apparently, I checked up on you all too late to get the Misty Mountain Wonderland download. If there is a way I can get it and maybe a New Fleming & John album please let me know. Have a great Christmas anyway. Thanks.

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  5. My 14yr old daughter & I are having an argument about some of the lyrics in I’m Not Afraid. She says: I’m afraid of having kids, I’m afraid there will be no world for them to live. I say: I’m afraid of having a good time, I’m afraid there will be no representative. Who is right?

  6. My wife and i just watched Hansel and Gretel The Witch Hunters. At the very end a very familiar voice sang the end credits song. Flemming is that you? Or someone completely ripping of your style?

  7. When is the new album coming out? You guys can’t say that after 14 years, you aren’t ready to do a new album 🙂

  8. Just ‘repurchased’ one of your albums and decided to buy the other one as well. After having not heard any of your songs for a long time (lost the tape – yes that’s how long ago it was) during one of the house moves. It has made my day today!! Thank you and absolutely love your work!!

  9. I was in Haiti this June volunteering at an orphanage. One of the older girls discovered Rain All day. She placed my iPhone on her ear, layed on a bench, then proceeded to play it over and over again. She looked so peaceful amidst all the chaos surrounding her.
    Thanks for putting a big smile on my face and providing her with such a sense of momentary peace!

  10. The Fleming and John episode of “Find the Beauty” just aired on YouTube! And here it is:

    Can’t believe how talented you guys are. To take a song like that and turn it into something awesome takes some real genius. And where else can you find creepy puppets and sitar in a video and still be entertained?

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  12. Would you please post the songs “After The Lovin'” and “I Got you Babe” that you did together? Can’t seem to find them anywhere. Love your music tons! Hope to hear new music someday soon!

  13. Saw a movie recently that had a song in the credits that sounded like you. Guess it wasn’t, but it reminded me how much I listened to your CD’s back in college (drove my roommate nuts). Couldn’t find the CD’s, so just downloaded them. Loving the memories this morning while I drink my coffee. Your music has held up great. Wish you guys would release another album!

  14. Hello and thank you for all the great music!!! I have been collecting your stuff ever since “Harder To Believe Than Not Too”. Would you please post the song “Wrong”? I know it was available on Myspace for a little. Hope and pray you guys release a new album someday. Really awesome stuff that always impresses friends when I play it!

  15. My Pandora is on Quick Mix and I heard you all and got SO nostalgic! I know you won’t remember me since it’s been, sheesh, 20 years now…Thinking of how Fleming always had tea before she sang, and 12th & Porter before it opened to the throngs who came to see you all (And the then-Jody’s Power Bill). PLEASE more music. Please oh please! ~ Rhee

  16. What a fantastic conert Friday!!!! That was the first time I had heard your music, and I just bought Delusions of Grandeur from Amazon. 🙂 It looks like The Way We Are is on iTunes but not Amazon. Would you be able to add it to Amazon or is that a big hassle? Either way, THANK YOU!! You were both so nice and personable and it was my privilege to hear you perform. 🙂

  17. When is the next time you will have a tour or be performing . I saw you in Georgia back in 1995 and really look forward to seeing you guys again.

  18. I’ve been listening to your music ever since Flemings aunt introduced me to it back in 1996 when she played it for me in their dart shop in Caseyville, IL! I was hooked immediately. 🙂 I even went to The Red Door (StL) to watch and met Fleming. That was a great show. My girls have your songs stuck in their heads and I just laugh and tell them it will be days before you are able to displace them!

    I just listened to a video of Wrong. What a great song! I have searched everywhere on the net for a copy to buy, it wasn’t on iTunes. Is it available?

  19. My name is Nick Ryan and I’m a co-composer of the song ‘Naughty Naughty Naughty’. I just discovered your wonderful version on You Tube and I wanted to say “Well done”. It’s infectious and fun. The drummer on the recorded version was Simon Phillips whose name you probably recognize. It put his musical career back several steps and he’s never quite lived it down. The version you worked to was played by ‘The Top of the Pops Orchestra’ – not a groove amongst them.
    Good luck with your careers and if it’s still possible to download your infinitely superior re-hash, I’d be thrilled to do so.
    Congatulations again.

  20. This is fantastic! I just bought it off iTunes! I really wish y’all would put another album together. Please ask Fleming to pass my hellos on to her cousin Jennifer if she happens to talk to her this holiday season.

  21. I have been listening to your music since “Harder to Believe…” was released in the 90s. The skill is obvious but your mix of rocky hardness and sweet softness is unique and addictive!

  22. I’d love to see a revisit on “6,570.” “Rain All Day,” is my all time favorite. It was quite the suprise to pick up the second album at my local record shop to find the “Rain All Day” remake on it. It was beautiful! Thanks!

  23. We run a production company out of Springfield, MO and are interested in getting Flemming and John to play a 90s tribute show. Years ago, a (now defunct) station from Springfield put together a show called “Dare to Care” which featured Flemming and John. We are now working with the original DJs from that station to plan “Dare to Care 2015”. The night will be full of nostalgia and fun, and of course it will all be for a good cause. Please message me for more details.

  24. Just wondering if you could make your album “The Way We Are” available in the Canadian iTunes store? I only see the “Delusions of Grandeur” album there. Two albums from you guys in my iTunes library are better than one! Soon to be three!! Yay!

  25. Hi Fleming & John! Congratulations on a successful Kickstarter campaign. I regret that I lost my job recently and could not even spare $5 right now, but, if you had another campaign in a couple months I’d definitely back it to visit Nashville! You guys are wonderful and I hope to see you in Philly again on tour. And if not in Philly then a road trip will happen! Best wishes to you and thank you in advance for the new music.

  26. I saw Fleming and John live in Virginia ~1996, which was like a mere blink ago. Still to this day it was one of the best live concerts I have ever seen. Listened to “Rain All Day” tonight and WOW, took me right back to that magic night. Thank you for the beautiful music.

    • I saw them live once. They opened for Bens Folds Five. Train also opened for them. I was very angry that F&J only did 5 songs and Train did like 15. I still remember the 5 songs. I’m Not Afraid, Ugly Girl, Rain All Day, Devil’s Food and That’s All I Know. I’d give anything to see them again.

      • Same here!! I was so angry that Fleming & John did such a small set while Train went on and on and on. Although it was cool how F&J came out during one of BFF’s songs where John played (i forget the instrument… bugle horn? and Fleming sang the strings part).

  27. Album? Any news? I would like to know when you launch it and if you perform it in Nashville, I would be excited to attend!

  28. Hey John, Did you guys ever record a song called Even A King Must Close His Eyes? I am part of your Kickstarter and heard of the possible existence of this song. Would love to hear it if possible.

  29. Did I see Fleming on an episode of Masters of Flip?

    Really miss seeing you guys on the road.

    My best to your family!

  30. Hi there,

    would love to purchase the two versions of “Carol Of The Bells” (the one with drum computer & the one with acoustic drums). Are they available anywhere?

    Thanks a lot,


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